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Jeff "Bones" Bonner

Jeff "Bones" Bonner is an accomplished author, speaker, and combat fighter pilot. He specializes in helping businesses develop leaders who use the habit of debrief - military aviation's key to high performance - to lead and win. As a veteran fighter pilot, Jeff has had the unique experience of serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, while flying two different fighter aircraft in the US Marine Corps and US Air Force. This experience has given him a unique perspective on how military aviation uses the habit of debrief to achieve high performance in complex and challenging environments. During his postgraduate studies at Harvard University, Jeff developed The Daily Debrief, an innovative tool designed to cultivate the high-performance debrief habit. His expertise in this field enables him to assist business leaders in leveraging military aviation's key to high performance to lead and win. When not speaking on The Daily Debrief, Jeff pursues his passion for aviation as a major US airline captain. He also serves as the chair of his Veterans Commission in his home state of Maryland, where he lives with his wife and two children.

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