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The Daily Debrief Signature Keynote Speech

Discover a new path to business success with author and fighter pilot Jeff Bonner's inspiring keynote speech. In this transformative talk, Jeff shares the high-performance Daily Debrief habit with audiences so they can use military aviation's key to high performance to lead and win.


In this keynote, audiences will:

  • Learn the proven and powerful five-step G.R.E.A.T. Daily Debrief Model to achieve high performance in business.

  • Develop a mindset that will prepare them to lead and win.

  • Evaluate their performance to be better tomorrow than they are today​.

The Daily Debrief Signature Speech.png

The Daily Debrief Workshop

Are you ready for your organization to reach the next level of business success? Join former fighter pilot Jeff "Bones" Bonner for this engaging and practical workshop to help your company develop high-performance leaders. 

In this interactive and results-oriented workshop, audiences will use The Daily Debrief and learn how to develop the high-performance habit to lead and win.

Audiences will personalize the Daily Debrief and will:


  • Use the the proven and powerful five-step G.R.E.A.T. Daily Debrief Model to help develop a business culture of continous improvement.

  • Clarify their goals to unlock their potential.

  • Develop the high-performance habit with the support of the 30-Day Daily Debrief Challenge.

Jeff Bonner - The Daily Debrief Workshop

Lead and Win with Military Aviation's Key to High Performance

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