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Did you know that elite military pilots have something they do every single day and every single mission that makes them the very best?

It’s something so ingrained in their routines that, when lives are on the line, they do not fail. When called upon, they deliver high-performance results—on time, every time.

More importantly, did you know you can apply this same strategy in business and achieve world-class results with a simple change to your routine?

The Daily Debrief is a powerful tool that helps business leaders use aviation's key to high performance to lead and win.

If you’ve hit a plateau and are looking for more, or you’re growing but not as fast as you’d like, the Daily Debrief is for you.

If you’re focused on leading others to produce high-performance business results and looking for a way to unlock their potential, the Daily Debrief is for you.

Lead and Win with Aviation's Key to High Performance  - One Daily Debrief at a Time!

Jeff "Bones" Bonner

Jeff "Bones" Bonner is an accomplished author, speaker, and combat fighter pilot. He specializes in helping businesses develop leaders who use the habit of debrief - military aviation's key to high performance - to lead and win. As a veteran fighter pilot, Jeff has had the unique experience of serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, while flying two different fighter aircraft in the US Marine Corps and US Air Force. This experience has given him a unique perspective on how military aviation uses the habit of debrief to achieve high performance in complex and challenging environments. During his postgraduate studies at Harvard University, Jeff developed The Daily Debrief, an innovative tool designed to cultivate the high-performance debrief habit. His expertise in this field enables him to assist business leaders in leveraging military aviation's key to high performance to lead and win. When not speaking on The Daily Debrief, Jeff pursues his passion for aviation as a major US airline captain. He also serves as the chair of his Veterans Commission in his home state of Maryland, where he lives with his wife and two children.

Jeff Bonner - Fighter Pilot
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Jeff Bonner - Fighter Pilot Speaker


The Daily Debrief Signature Keynote Speech

Elevate your success in life and business by developing the high-performance Daily Debrief habit.


Drawing from his extensive career as a combat veteran fighter pilot, Jeff Bonner shares the transformative Daily Debrief habit with audiences in this inspiring keynote speech. Based on military aviation's key to high performance, The Daily Debrief is a powerful practice that equips individuals with the tools to lead and win.


During this keynote, audiences will:

  • Learn the proven and powerful G.R.E.A.T. Daily Debrief Model to unlock high performance in life and business.

  • Develop a fighter pilot mindset that will prepare them to lead and win.

  • Evaluate their performance to be better tomorrow than they are today​.

The Daily Debrief Signature Speech.png

The Daily Debrief Workshop

Are you ready for your organization to reach the next level of business success? Join veteran fighter pilot Jeff "Bones" Bonner for this engaging and practical workshop to help your company develop high-performance leaders. 

In this interactive and results-oriented workshop, audiences will use The Daily Debrief and learn how to develop the high-performance habit to lead and win.

Audiences will personalize the Daily Debrief and will:


  • Use the the proven and powerful five-step G.R.E.A.T. Daily Debrief Model to help develop a business culture of continous improvement.

  • Clarify their goals to unlock their potential.

  • Develop the high-performance habit with the support of the 30-Day Daily Debrief Challenge.

Jeff Bonner - The Daily Debrief Workshop

Lead and Win with Aviation's Key to High Performance


The Daily Debrief Book

In this book veteran combat pilot Jeff Bonner shows you how to use the habit of debrief, military aviation’s secret to high performance, to lead and win.

​​In his no-nonsense, easy-to-read s
tyle, Jeff reveals how to:

  • Use the proven, five-step G.R.E.A.T. Debrief Model to achieve high performance in any area of your life or business

  • Develop a mindset that will prepare you to win

  • Clarify your purpose to unleash your passion

  • Use the lessons of aerial combat to thrive in your most challenging situations

  • Evaluate your performance to be better tomorrow than you are today​

Find out how to use the military aviation's secret to high performance to lead and win—one debrief at a time!

The Daily Debrief Book - Lead and Win

The Daily Debrief Planner

Do you want to have, do or be more? Are you frustrated with the progress towards your goals? The Daily Debrief High-Performance Habit Planner is the solution you've been searching for! This planner is designed to help you reach your potential and use the Daily Debrief habit to lead and win. With its comprehensive layout, you'll be able to plan your days effectively, track your progress, and prioritize your goals. Plus, you'll have access to helpful tips and guidance to improve your productivity and stay on track as you develop the high-performance habit. Whether you're a busy professional, a student, or just someone who wants to be more productive, The Daily Debrief High-Performance Habit Planner is the ultimate tool for success. Don't let another day pass without taking control of your life and achieving your dreams. Get yours today to lead and win with the high-performance habit!

The Daily Debrief Planner

The Bonner Foundation

The Daily Debrief - Bonner Foundation.png

The Bonner Foundation is dedicated to developing the next generation of veteran leaders who embody the principle of service before self. 

By supporting veteran leadership organizations across the United States, the foundation aims to equip these leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. 

The foundation believes that veteran leadership is crucial to addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing America today. With the support of the Bonner Foundation, these leaders are empowered to lead effectively and create a better future for all.

"Jeff Bonner was inspiring and memorable." 

Sarah Waddell, Taylor Health Alliance

3 Steps to Lead and Win with Aviation's Key to High Performance

Step 1: The Discovery Call

Let's connect to discuss your event goals and how The Daily Debrief can be customized for your organization's success.

Step 2: The Keynote

A tailored keynote speech that will empower your organization to use military aviation's key to high performance to lead and win.

Step 3: The Workshop​

Develop your organization's leaders by cultivating the high-performance debrief habit to achieve the next level of business success.



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